Wound Services

Holistic Nursing Solutions are experts in catastrophic injuries, as well as wound assessment and wound care education and online or telehealth wound consultations for your convenience.

Our clinicians pride themselves on their ability to treat our clients using a variety of clinical techniques that works toward healing effective wound healing.

Empower and educate the client and the support workers in wound care treatment

Our senior clinical nurses have the expertise to assess a clients circumstances and design a care plan involving Allied Health that meets a clients holistic individual needs.

We are a solution focused team. The challenging cases are what makes us the experts in catastrophic injuries and complex acute and chronic wound care.


We diagnose and treat wounds with best management practice techniques which facilitates effective wound healing whilst supporting skin integrity to ensure that your quality of life is maintained.

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Wound Consultations

In home wound consultation HNS


Our kind and compassionate nurses come to you, and assess your wound in the comfort of your own home. 


Our nurses are able to arrange a wound consultation over the phone, or over a virtual face-to-face call. 

In Clinic Wound Consultation HNS


Book in a wound consultation with our professional wound care nurse at our clinic. View locations.

How can we assist you?

HNS Wound Clinic


Initial and ongoing wound assessments to allow for appropriate management in conjunction with treating:

  • Acute/Chronic Wounds
  • Aetiology: surgical, laceration, ulcer, burn, abrasion, traumatic, pressure injury, neoplastic
  • Wound location and surrounding the skin
  • Tissue Loss
  • Clinical appearance of the wound bed and stage of healing
  • Measurement and dimensions
  • Wound edge
  • Exudate
  • Presence of infection
  • Pain
  • Previous wound management
HNS Wound Clinic


Scar assessment plays a key role during burns aftercare, to monitor scar remodelling and a clients’ psychosocial well-being. In order to aid assessment, subjective scar assessment scales are used by our health-care professionals’ to determine scar characteristics. 

HNS Wound Clinic


Surgical sharp and conservative sharp debridement is performed by a skilled practitioner using surgical instruments such as scalpel, curette, scissors, rongeur, and forceps. This debridement type promotes wound healing by removing biofilm and devitalised tissue.

HNS Wound Clinic


The correct application of wound dressings plays a very critical role in wound healing and preventing infection. Wound recovery and management is a complicated and collaborative process, including wound pre-cleaning, wound healing, infectious prevention, germ treatment and treatment strategy.

Bleeding wounds, serious wounds and infectious wounds need to be taken care of carefully for recovery and in case of microbial infection. 

HNS Wound Clinic


We are skilled and educated at selecting the appropriate wound solution for your needs. We assess your wound and choose the best course of action accordingly.

There are various dressing solutions and your nurse will guide you according to your needs:

  • normal saline/tap water
  • topical antimicrobials
  • antiseptics
  • biofilms
HNS Wound Clinic


We aim to empower both the client and support workers by educating them on best wound care practices. This in turn will help to avoid return hospital visits, infection and enable the best decision making and intervention for all acute and chronic wounds.

HNS Wound Clinic


If you were injured at work or if your work has contributed to an injury or disease, then you may be entitled to WorkCover workers compensation. 

HNS Wound Clinic


We offer assistance with Medicolegal reports and opinions, including workers compensation and permanent impairment.  

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