Continence Advice

At Holistic Nursing Solutions we can provide expert continence assessments, create individualised plans and can prescribe a range of suitable consumables products.

HNS 10 year service

Expert Advice

We will assess your existing bowel and bladder routine, your medical history, medications, diet and fluid intake along with your environment and any equipment and/or products you are currently using.

We can arrange trial samples to make sure that the product is right for you before you commit to the use of one.

We will use our skills and evidence-based knowledge to provide you with the best solution for your incontinence needs. We work closely with specialists eg. urologists, and provide education and training to your care team to meet identified goals.


HNS will run a detailed assessment to determine the type of incontinence you have, and we will assist you in reaching your goals by offering recommendations and collaborating with other services if required.

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Our friendly team of trained nurses are here to help, contact us for your free, customised quote today.

Continence Consultations

In home wound consultation HNS


Our kind and compassionate nurses come to you, and assess your needs in the comfort of your own home.


Our nurses are able to arrange a continence consultation over the phone, or over a virtual face-to-face call.

In Clinic Wound Consultation HNS


Book a continence consultation with our professional nurses at our clinic. View locations.

Molmike Medical Dressing Consumables

We supply quality Medical Consumables. Please ask us for pricing. Items are individually priced and we are able to arrange postage. Discreet packaging is also available upon request for your privacy. We source the best products and services available with the following providers.

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molmikè medical is our number one medical consumable provider

molmikè medical provides high quality, specialised medical equipment. Each product is handpicked and tested by their team to ensure quality, reliability – and that they meet the customer’s needs. Products include:

Medical PPE // Sexual Wellbeing Products //  Essential Oils //  Skin Care // Wound Care Products // Therapeutic Products // Advanced Wound Care Products //  Continence Care Products // Advanced Continence Products // Bowel Care Products


BrightSky Australia, your one-stop-shop for specialist healthcare products

Providing an excellent range of every day and ‘hard to find’ healthcare products at great value for your money, products include:

Continence Products // Respiratory Equipment //  Wound Care Products // Nutrition Equipment // Skin Care // Mobility & Equipment // Ostomy Consumables //  Ostomy Consumables // Diabetes Products // Compression Therapy // PPE // Ancillary


Independence Australia is a social enterprise, providing choices & services for people living with a disability or other personal need

Aiming to improve quality of lives and provide access to products and resources. Encourage people to make choices to enhance their well-being and lifestyle. Support includes:

Bathing // Personal Hygiene//  Eating // Dressing & Undressing // Grooming // Toileting // Showering //  Shaving // Transferring Out of Bed // Assistance with Administration of Medication