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Our qualified team are experts in the field of Sexuality and Fertility. With understanding and exceptional care, our team provide information, education and options available to you.

Sexual Function Assessment

Clients (+/- partners) can receive information, education and explore options related to sexual dysfunction following spinal cord injury.

There are a variety of areas that can be explored and further referrals may be required including:

  • Physical, Neurological and Sexual examinations

  • Education on physiology of sex organs/sexual act

  • Prescription for PDE5 Inhibitors / Postaglandin E1 therapy and pseudoephidrine

  • Advice on adjunct erectile therapies (vacuum pumps, penile rings, vibrators, dildos etc)

  • Baseline sex hormone screening

  • Initial sexual counselling with referral to sex therapy/relationship counselling

  • Advice for accessing sex workers

Fertility Assessment

Clients (+/- partners) can receive information, education and explore options related to infertility following spinal cord injury.

There are several areas that can be explored and further referrals are required including:

  • Physical, Neurological & Sexual history examinations

  • Education on the physiology of sex organs / fertility / conception

  • Education and consent for semen retrieval procedures

  • Baseline sex hormone and semen screening

  • Advice / referral for assisted reproductive technology services

SCI and Pregnancy Support

Our highly skilled Clinical Nurse Consultants and Midwives are experienced in the area of pregnancy, birth and postnatal support for women living with an SCI. We support you in the areas of:

  • Education and support on fertility and SCI. 
  • Contraception and special screening support eg. Cervical Screening Tests. 
  • In-depth discussion about what to consider when planning to fall pregnant.
  • Comprehensive pregnancy, birth and postnatal support in the areas of:
    – Bladder and bowel function and management.
    – Respiratory function and management.
    – Skin assessment and management. 
    – Centre of gravity and balance function and management in collaboration with an HNS OT. 
    – Mobility and transfer assessments and support. 
    – Autonomic Dysreflexia management recommendations during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.
  • Coordination, collaboration and communication with the interdisciplinary team, GPs, medical specialists and hospital team to support them with specialised knowledge about SCI to manage your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. 
  • Breastfeeding support and management.
  • Home assistance support.
  • PWA Mobility Care Station.

Trial of Semen Retrieval

Clients (+/- partners) can trial penile vibratory stimulation to elicit ejaculation. Due to the potential for Autonomic Dysreflexia and abrasions to the glands, it is recommended that the initial trial occurs in a supervised environment.

There are a few aspects that can be explored under this service including:

  • Trial of Ferticare

  • Education on various levels of assisted reproductive technology services

  • Education on artificial insemination in the home

  • Supporting letter for funders to purchase device

Rent to buy Ferticare

HNS has distribution rights to the Ferticare vibro-ejaculation device. Please contact to find out more.

Trial of erectile agents

Clients (+/- partners) can trial application of Prostaglandin E1 to elicit erections. Due to the potential for priapism, penile haematoma and incorrect injecting technique, it is recommended that the initial trial occurs in a supervised environment.

Please contact our caring team of experts for an initial consultation or for more information.
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HNS supports Research Projects and Universities

Our sexual health and fertility specialist is a research fellow at the Menzies Health Institute and is currently working with a multidisciplinary teams of researches on various studies to further our expertise.

All studies have been identified by working with our clients at HNS and the insight our expert has had working with them and the needs they have identified in these areas. 

The Love, Intimacy and Disability Study

Commenced March 2020

The Love, Intimacy and Disability Study is a multidisciplinary, cross-Australian disability rights study conducted by researchers and people with lived experience from three Australian universities, the Menzies Health Institute at the Griffith University Gold Coast, the University of Sunshine Coast, and the University of Sydney. The aim of the multiphase study is to promote holistic sexual health support for people living with a spinal cord injury in Australia – giving people with a spinal cord injury the autonomy in taking action on sexual expression.

Assessing the Pregnancy Support Needs of Women Living with a Spinal Cord Injury

Menzies Health Institute with Dr Roxanna Pebdani at the University of Sydney – Commenced April 2021

Sexual Pleasure and Self-Pleasure Assistive Devices for People with Limited Hand Movements

Menzies Health Institute study with Dr Michele Verdonck at the OT department of the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Working alongside the best in research

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